Guide Voyages #1 • Curacao

During my 12 days cruise with Norwegian  cruise line last spring one of the sweetest places I saw has to be Willemstad , Curacao . Willemstad is the capital of Curacao and its biggest city with approximatively 100 000 people living there. If you like me,  don’t like being pursued by taxi drivers and tour sellers then Curacao is heaven. There and St john/ st-Thomas are the only places I did last winter where nobody tried to sell us something and for that I am grateful !




Basic Image at the Blvd

 A good place for cute summer clothes ( they carry lots of Desigual) is Basic Image at the Blvd located at Heerenstraat 12 , willemstad. 




Plein cafe Whilelmina

 After an extremely warm carribean day I was so tired and thirsty I could barely stand . So with their fresh drinks and mist of cold water lightly falling over each terrasse table Plein cafe Whilelmina is the place to go . I suggest the Mango smoothie and Piña colada while trying to understand a dutch newspaper. Located at Whilelminaplein 19-23,Willemstad.




Queen Emma pontoon bridge

The Queen Emma pontoon bridge

Now I didnt even know about that bridge until I walked on it and had to get off on the other side before it started moving to let boats pass by . What a surprise !  This bridge i pedestrian only and connects the  two parts of the city : Punda and Otrabonda.



Dining room

   Curacao Museum 

One of the places I saw on a tour.

This magnificiant building used to be a military hospital and was built in 1853. Walking inside you can watch a great display of artwork , rooms displayed to show you how a typical bourgeois household would have been like in 19 century Curacao ( chandeliers,  mahogany furniture and grandiose mirrors included ) . Theres also a Polka dotted kitchen (!) and the grand attraction : a 47 bell carillion wich sadly, due to structural damaged caused to the building by it, cannot be played anymore. Located on Van leeuwenhoekstraat z/n, Willemstad

The polka dotted kitchen. They used to say Polka dots made the flies dizzy so they wouldn’t stay in the kitchen.



Bottling of Alcolado Glacial



                                            • The Curacao Liqueur factory 

Obligatory stop there . That is where all of the real Curacao liqueur has been made since 1896. You can take a short tour of this place and get to taste different flavours of Liqueur . Did you know they also make ( right in front of you in the tour )what the locals call Alcolado Glacial which is a mentholated splash lotion that can be used for about everything . According to the bottle : for cooling off quickly, as an aftershave, for relieving congestion, preventing and treating mosquito bites, headaches and sore muscles. Buy yourself a bottle while you walk through the shop at the end of the tour . Located on Saliña Ariba, Willemstad Elias R.A. Moreno Blvd



Bottling of Curacao liqueur


                                                             •  Hato Caves


Hato caves

Natural wonder of Curacao made of old coral reef , you have to be able to walk 47 steep stone steps to get to the actual caves . No photographs allowed except in one place at the end because the flash causes the stone to turn green in reaction to be exposed to light for the first time in millions of years.  The caves are not that big but gorgeous and the tours start every hour. So wear good shoes, put your camera aside and enjoy !


















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